Case Study for utilising a crusher bucket and re-using material on site in lieu of cart away off site and importing fill material

Regularly we are instructed by the client and or the specifications to allow for carting away material generated in demolitions and importing material for fill. However we would recommend utilising a crusher bucket as this can reduce both cart away costs and importing fill material costs. Plus it is the environmentally friendly option reducing transport into and away from the project.

We utilise a VTN – FB 250 crusher bucket capable of crushing on average 20 – 40 tons per hour dependent upon the size, type and condition of the material to be crushed. Plus the size of the material to be generated (approx 2 No. x 8 wheel lorry loads per hour) of your demolitions material that could be utilised on site.

The savings you could generate make crushing a very viable option.

Please see below our simple case study example of the sums that can be saved:-

PLEASE NOTE: The costs below are based upon the building having been demolished and all the material being on the ground ready for recycling or disposal.

Demolition Works with Cart Away Off Site – Option 1.

Delivery and collection of a machine for the works £200.00 each way, total £400.00 (this is an average cost, costs are dependent upon the location of works / distance from the yard).

One day’s work for a 21t machine with an operator and a banksman to sort and load demolition waste on to Lorries for cart away off site to landfill or a recycling yard. £565.00

The average house contains between 12 No. and 15 No. x 8 wheeler loads of rubble on average costing £150 per load to cart away (this is also subject to finding someone who will want the material locally!).15 loads @ £150.00 = a total cart away cost of £2250.00.

Importation of crushed material for sub bases and hard standings etc. based on 15 loads being delivered to site (15 No. x 20t loads at £15 a ton which is a competitive rate). Therefore the importation cost equates to 15No.x 20t x £15.00/t = £4500.00

Therefore the total cost for sorting, clearing and loading the rubble plus importing the same volume of material is £7715 + VAT

Demolition Works with Materials Crushed for Re-use On Site – Option 2

The same process as before but utilising a crusher bucket:-
Delivery and collection of a machine for the works £200.00 each way, total £400.00.

Two days’ work for a 21t machine with an operator and a banksman plus the crusher. To crush/ pick any rubbish and sort any metal from the material to be crushed £865 a day x two days = a total of £1730.00

Therefore the total cost for the crushing and the production of the same volume of material as before on site = £2130 + VAT

As you can see from this very simple exercise the savings that can be generated by keeping the material on site  and processing it for re-use can be huge.

As well as the cost savings that can be generated, there is a huge reduction in the number of deliveries and collections. There would be no need for approximately 30 No.x 8 wheeler lorry movements on and off site. This clearly demonstrates that it is the greener option saving neighbours and the local area great inconvenience.

This proposed set up is very well suited to smaller demolition projects i.e. between 1 and 5 houses, light commercial units, schools, sites with restricted access and sites with restricted space.